Unjani Clinics extends their services to customers

Unjani Clinics have partnered with V Switch to install their MPOS solution incorporating the club and voucher program. Unjani clinics are now able to offer their patients a lot more, like saving for those expected medical emergencies and been able to securely send medical vouchers to loved ones across the country.


Randburg Sports Club installs V Switch MPOS and club program

Randburg Sports Club have installed V Switch’s latest in the cloud MPOS system for their club house. The solution includes V Switch’s club module that caters for member sign-up, a club e-wallet linked to all payment points. V Switch’s MPOS solution allows members or visitors to pay using their club card, cash or any bank card.

V Switch in partnership with Westpay, provides Unjani Clinics with card payments


V Switch in partnership with West Pay are enabling EMV card payments across the Unjani group. Unjani is a successful network of nurse owned and operated clinics that provide quality and affordable healthcare services to the people of South Africa. V Switch has integrated the West Pay card terminal into their MPOS and Club program system providing the nurses with a seamless business solution and a secure card payment channel for their clients.

V Switch digitises the OBC group’s savings club

Using their locally developed multi-dimensional e-wallet system that has been integrated with OBCs network of cash acceptance devices, V Switch has successfully digitised the OBC cash stokvel and food voucher programme across the group.

The OBC Club Programme was established to provide new and innovative products and services that attract not only new customers but motivate existing customers to remain engaged with the OBC brand.  In 2017 savings club programmes such as these were worth R25-billion in spend in South Africa.

What was previously a manual and tedious system of accepting and reconciling cash laybys for OBC customers has now become an efficient, easy to use, digitised process that benefits both the merchants and customers alike.

The programme kicked off in August 2018 and participating stores have already signed up over 3000 members.

With V Switch’s smart POS device, customers are able to sign up and deposit cash within a minute.

The Programme uses a smart mobile device to interact with the Club System and its members. The device is securely linked to a centralised system that manages the entire programme, including communication to 3rd party product and service providers. The device and all transactions are monitored 24/7 for security purposes. No transactional, card or customer data is stored on the device and the system complies with international PCI DSS standards.

Operators are able to register and FICA new members; accept multiple payment methods for purchases or saving deposits and issue vouchers.  All this functionality using a single V Switch device that requires no integration with existing check out systems.

So, sending food vouchers to distant loved ones has never been easier!

You simply enter the amount you would like to spend, together with the details of the recipient’s mobile number, and they will receive a secure PIN-based voucher which can be redeemed at any OBC store nationwide.  Customers never lose money, as a voucher can be partially redeemed and re-used at a later date.

“V Switch’s platform has laid the foundation for the OBC Group to expand their programme in the future and we look forward to rolling out loyalty reward programmes and other products and services with the Group.” Mark Brown, Managing Director of V Switch said.

For further information on the V Switch solutions, contact 0861 000 700.