Forget all the high-tech jargon, If customers are not presented with a simple user friendly interface to your business, the chances are they will shop elsewhere.

In today’s world customers want to interact with merchants using their preferred method of communication and payment. At V Switch we enables this. We provide smart transactional and payment solutions in-store as well as for the growing e-commerce and self-service markets.

V Switch provides systems and solutions within various industries, such as retail, hospitality, leisure and the community sectors.

In short – through extensive industry experience and a pioneering mindset, V Switch has developed a unique business model that is based on close collaboration between users and cutting-edge technology.

With our technology, you are guaranteed a solution that is fully certified ensuring the highest possible level of security.

V Switch was founded in 2015 and has partnered with some of the best technology brands across Europe and South Africa to provide solutions that are relevant to Africa.


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